Mission Statement

Here at Literary Leftovers we love to read and we want to share our passion with those in the  community. We think that everyone should be able to own a book, to be able to touch and feel it and call it their own. We work tirelessly to keep our prices low, so book ownership is available for all. We carry a large and diverse selection, so everyone can find something they can enjoy and learn from.  It's all right here in your local community!

A Little about the Owners

We are the Simons Family! Kelsey (the mom), Aaron (The Dad), Olly (The eldest son), Arthur (the youngest son) and Lucy (the cat). We are all life long readers who are grateful for the opportunity to be here in this community providing reading opportunities for others.  We are here to help, give suggestions, hear your stories, pet your dogs, listen to your recommendations, and work hard to keep Literary Leftovers open and here for this community.